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Online courses and training designed to support mid-career professionals in the intentional development of their career and professional journey

Welcome to Career Growth Essentials, the online training site of the Bold Career Project. My name is Ian Christie and I've designed the resources in this site specifically for professionals who are committed to being more intentional and strategic about the growth of their career. 

Whether you're making a career move, trying to find a way to make your career progress less accidental or looking to build your career management skills, I'm assembling an arsenal of resources to help power your career growth.

Rather than random tactics, career growth essentials is a principle & systems-based approach to owning and growing your career

Pillar #1: The Internal Zone

The Internal pillar is the foundational pillar. The Cornerstone. This is about knowing yourself, what you offer the market, and who your market is.

Pillar #2: The External Zone

External is about if, how much and what the world outside of you and your family think about you as a professional. Branding. Reputation. Network. Key relationships.

Pillar #3: The Managing Zone

This is about you in your current work. Your job. Situational Awareness. Journey Management. Performing. Stepping up. 

Pillar #4: The Future Zone

This zone is about setting and working towards a direction. That you choose.

Pillar #5: Capability Zone

Assessing and enhancing professional capability, from market skills, to profession / job skills to building your market power. 

Featured courses

Resume Level-Up

Finally take ownership of your Resume. Learn a step-by-step approach to professionally communicating your story

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Interview Level-Up

Don't let interview skills stand in the way of the job you were meant to have. Learn a step-by-step strategic approach to interview performance 

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LinkedIn Level-Up

The LinkedIn bar keeps rising. Time to turn your profile into a real asset and get more results from your LinkedIn activity

Coming Sept 14/17


Modules and lessons that lay a path to skill and knowledge development. High-value workbook downloads. Learn at your own pace. Track your progress. 

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Rather than a bunch of ad hoc tactics, I take a systems approach to your career growth.  I've led the design & delivery of world-class career programming for a global top 100 b-school. I've been consulting to executives, managers, entrepreneurs & mid-career professionals for many years and I've been an high-end executive search consultant. 

Know These 5 Principles

As a way of introducing you to a systems-approach to career growth, I've put together a series of emails that outline the 5 key principles that will help transform the way you think about and manage your career growth.


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