Resume Writing Course for Mid-Career Professionals

announcements Nov 10, 2017

If you had to name the one career management skill that most everyone struggles with, it is resume writing. With that in mind, and putting to work my 20+ years of experience that's included: 

  • Writing resumes for managers, executives, MBA students and other mid-career professionals
  • Teaching resume writing at the graduate school level and sitting on the admissions committee where I made decisions on thousands of early and mid-career resumes 
  • Beginning my career in executive recruitment where I reviewed (not kidding), over a hundred thousand resumes 
  • And writing articles on the subject at, and the big career sites

I have put together a resume writing course for mid-career professionals that's designed to help you get more strategic, develop a strong "why you" value proposition for your target and build the skill yourself. 

Whether you're getting ready to go to market, sense that you need to upgrade this important skill, or have your...

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Job Interview Training Course released

announcements Oct 21, 2017

First up at Career Growth Essentials, a comprehensive and incredibly valuable online job interview training course

Whether you're proactively preparing for future job interviews or have an interview next week and need to get ready, this course will be your best friend. 

  • How to improve your job interview skills
  • How to get a strong mental game
  • How to create your own "why you" interview strategy
  • Behavioural interview techniques
  • How to Answer behavioural questions using the STAR or CAR framework
  • How to make a great impression in the job interview
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls
  • An interview question and answer workbook

You can take this course step by step through the 9 modules or jump right into a key area, like preparing your behavioural question responses. 

I've designed this course for mid-career professionals. Whether you're a manager, executive, senior professional or an up-and-comer keen to put your best foot forward, this course will help you gain confidence,...

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Soft launch of Career Growth Essentials site

announcements Oct 21, 2017

Welcome. This is Ian Christie and this is the first blog post at my new site. This site is an extension of The Bold Career Project, where I've been blogging since 2003 and offering career / professional services (and courses) since 2002.

A growing part of my business is online training and resources. Three of my courses are on offer via a partnership with UBC. My clients leverage this online training as part of the work we do together. And increasingly individuals have been purchasing courses separately. 

However, I wasn't happy with my platform and decided to create a new site, on the New Kajabi platform to be the home for this part of my business. 

Career Growth Essentials provides the tools, learning and strategies you need for job success and career growth. In a future post, I'll say more about the plan. For now, both individual courses and a membership / subscription offering will be offered.

I'm building out things rapidly. More to come! Be sure to...

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