Job Interview Training Course released

announcements Oct 21, 2017

First up at Career Growth Essentials, a comprehensive and incredibly valuable online job interview training course

Whether you're proactively preparing for future job interviews or have an interview next week and need to get ready, this course will be your best friend. 

  • How to improve your job interview skills
  • How to get a strong mental game
  • How to create your own "why you" interview strategy
  • Behavioural interview techniques
  • How to Answer behavioural questions using the STAR or CAR framework
  • How to make a great impression in the job interview
  • How to avoid the common pitfalls
  • An interview question and answer workbook

You can take this course step by step through the 9 modules or jump right into a key area, like preparing your behavioural question responses. 

I've designed this course for mid-career professionals. Whether you're a manager, executive, senior professional or an up-and-comer keen to put your best foot forward, this course will help you gain confidence, build skills and perform!

Learn more about my Job Interview Training course

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