Resume Writing Course for Mid-Career Professionals

announcements Nov 10, 2017

If you had to name the one career management skill that most everyone struggles with, it is resume writing. With that in mind, and putting to work my 20+ years of experience that's included: 

  • Writing resumes for managers, executives, MBA students and other mid-career professionals
  • Teaching resume writing at the graduate school level and sitting on the admissions committee where I made decisions on thousands of early and mid-career resumes 
  • Beginning my career in executive recruitment where I reviewed (not kidding), over a hundred thousand resumes 
  • And writing articles on the subject at, and the big career sites

I have put together a resume writing course for mid-career professionals that's designed to help you get more strategic, develop a strong "why you" value proposition for your target and build the skill yourself. 

Whether you're getting ready to go to market, sense that you need to upgrade this important skill, or have your resume out there already are not getting results, then this course if for you. Learn more about the resume writing course for mid-career professionals.

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