Level-Up Your Interviewing Skills & Strategy

Whether you've just landed an interview and are scrambling to prepare, or are taking a proactive approach to levelling-up your skills and getting market ready for future career moves, I'm here to help. 

This course represents my deep knowledge and experience in the field and I've taken care to provide you with a learning resource that will transform your understanding of and performance in the interview. 

The course is presented in 9 sequential modules

There's two screenshots below of part of the 9-module outline. I've  designed the course to be sequential, with step-by-step guidance on building your very own strategy. However, based on your situation and level of experience and knowledge with interviewing, you can pick and choose the lessons you need right now. 

Here's a shot of Module 5, where you'll dig-in to learning about and developing your answers to key interview questions. 

And here's what it looks like inside the course. 


Is this the learning resource for you?

While any professional serious about improving their career skills could benefit, the course is designed for:

  • Mid-career professionals: That is, people in professional roles with work experience behind them
  • This could include executives, senior managers, managers, professionals, graduate level students (like MBAs)
  • The course is ideally suited for promotion opportunities, job search, or career pivots / changes (where you'll be leveraging your previous background)

If this sounds like a fit, I'd be honoured to have you join me. To sign-up and get immediate access, just follow the checkout link and see you on the inside. 


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