Take Ownership of Your Resume

Whether you've just been asked for your resume and are scrambling to get one together, find yourself on the job market immediately, or are taking a proactive approach to levelling-up your skills and getting market ready for future career moves, I'm here to help with the Career Growth Essentials site and this online resume course. 

This resume writing course represents my deep knowledge and experience in the field and I've taken care to provide you with a learning resource that will transform your understanding of and your ability to craft a resume that: 

  • Is strategic
  • Sets you up as a strong candidate for roles that fit
  • Builds self-knowledge, skills and confidence
  • Enables you to own your resume into the future

The resume course is presented in 8 modules  (7 sequential modules and 1 optional module) 

I provide step-by-step guidance on building your very own strategy. However, based on your situation and level of experience and knowledge with writing a resume that gets you hired, you can pick and choose the lessons you need right now. 

Here's a shot of Module 7, where I walk you through the build of your resume, section by section (and include 1 & 2 page resume templates proven to work). 

Other Modules include: 

  • Key personal marketing concepts
  • Key concepts around resume myths, traps and your career situation and life stage impacts your resume strategy
  • An optional module outlining approaches to common, sticky situations in resume writing
  • In-depth, step-by-step resume writing strategy module to identify your job target and develop your why you
  • Design and style
  • Coaching on best practices and opportunities in each section of the resume
  • Paying attention to personal brand alignment and best practices to keep your resume ready

Here's what it looks like inside the course. 

I also employ the mindmapping technique to show you best practices for ensuring that your resume is ready (or close to ready) in the future for when opportunities come up. 

Is this the resume course and learning resource for you?

The course is not a fit if you're seeking the magic font, the template that will get you hired for jobs you're not suited for or if you think that the development of your resume (the transactional document that helps set-up how you're going to be spending the next chunk of your career) is worth only a few minutes of your time. 

While any professional serious about improving their career skills could benefit, the course is designed for:

  • Mid-career professionals: That is, people in professional roles with work experience behind them
  • This could include executives, senior managers, managers, professionals, graduate level students (like MBAs)
  • Finally, and most importantly, you recognize that your professional journey deserves some care and attention, that it is complex, and that there is benefit in learning skills and figuring things out. 

If this sounds like a fit, I'd be honoured to have you join me. To sign-up and get immediate access, just follow the checkout link and see you on the inside. 


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