Tired of Being Reactive? Time to Get Intentional & Strategic

Level-up your professional journey and create a solid foundation for the rest of your career in 6-weeks.

If you're reading this, I suspect that you're looking for some form of change or improvement in your professional life. And that's great news. You see, we're never done managing our professional journey until we decide it is time to step-off the road.

The first ingredient is that spark of intention, a positive or negative charged energy that is causing someone to take action. When clients show up at the Bold Career Project, their reason for walking through our door is one of the following:

  • Urgent response to an "event": (an internal promotion opportunity, a lay-off, a key decision they need to make)
  • A desire to make a change that's either defined (help me get from here to there), or undefined (help me figure out X)
  • Energy around a thing / state that the careerist has decided to pursue
  • A Quest to understand their value and fit in the marketplace and what's possible
  • Determination to level-up, play a bigger game, get promoted, move up the ranks.

What they all have in common is that WORK is required ON their career. Not in.

The "IN" part is you doing your job as manager, executive, consultant, business owner or other mid-career professional.. 

The "ON" part is everything else.

The problem is most people ignore or only sporadically (reactively) work on the "ON" part. It is the equivalent of only exercising for a short-time after you've been injured. 

What's required is not a focus on tactics. You need to address the core building blocks of your career.

Some examples: getting a handle on YOUR professional offering; figuring out YOUR natural target market; setting direction and making smart decisions; appropriately managing your brand; learning how to market yourself; managing and building reputation; becoming more valuable /  acquiring capability; performing at a higher level in your current role; and building "market readiness" skills before you need them. BTW, there's more.

In this first "foundational" program, we can't and won't cover everything. And this Foundation program is not about job search or career change. We're going to start turning you into a product manager of your career. The pilot and captain of your professional journey. 

This is a subject that I care deeply about and my mission is to bring this program to thousands of professionals like you. Still interested, scroll down below.

Ian Christie
President & Head Career Strategist

Introducing a Foundational 6-Week Launch-Pad Program

Who is it for: Specifically designed for managers, senior managers, directors, executives and other mid-career professionals.

Course Outline

Here's the Initial Outline. As this is a first-run beta-version of the program, you can expect things to change and evolve as we go along (so don't take the information below as written in stone).

Week 1: Understanding the key principles of Professional Journey & Market Power. Defining your professional journey stage. 

Week 2: Initial work on assessing YOUR professional assets & crafting YOUR career story

Week 3: Optimizing your current work to stabilize and set-up for next steps

Week 4: Initial Steps in Developing Your Exciting Future

Week 5: You and your "Market": How To Influence the Demand for You

Week 6: Your Capabilities: Planning to Leverage, Expand, Change

Where to go from here

""Fantastic! In just a couple of weeks this course has provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed to make more intentional, informed career decisions. I finish each reflection exercise with tangible action items and I’m so keen to apply what I’ve learned. This course would be beneficial for everyone - regardless of career stage and desires - and I will certainly be recommending the next session to my peers." "

Shelby Martin
Operations Coordinator

Strategic Insights

Like it or not, you are seller (and buyer) in a marketplace for skills, expertise and value creation. We will raise your awareness of the market, the drivers you can exercise, and your influence over your professional journey.


As a seller (and buyer) in the marketplace, you must understand and manage you - the "product." Who are you professionally? What is important to you? And where are you going? 


Assess your career management strengths and weaknesses and your current Risks and Opportunities. (We'll create and measure against a scorecard to track your gains.)


The problem with working "ON" your professional journey is that it doesn't feel urgent. Until you've lost control. And then you're in crisis mode. Let's stop that right now, shall we. In the program we will hold ourselves (and hopefully, each other) accountable. 

And, Tangible Action

There will be enormous value in the learning, assessment and reflection described above. We want to take it a step further and get you to make tangible and valuable real world actions to "level-up." 

Why is it a "beta" program?

What does that mean for me?

This is an online program focused on your career health and growth. The intention is that for 2020, this will be a full-year program comprised of core modules or "sprints." 

For 2019, our plan is to create and run 3-4 of these programs to create a full-year cycle. (As a beta student, you'll get special deals on these as they become available). 

This "foundation" program is level 1 and will occur over 6 weeks beginning Feb 17 (we will give access a few days earlier for those signed up at that point) to get a head-start. 


  1. You get a much lower price than will be eventually be charged
  2. You get more attention from us as the program rolls-out
  3. And for the 2nd sprint / program that will run April/May 2019, you'll get another special deal if you sign-up for that one. 
  4. I'll also provide a special price for beta-group students for subsequent runs in the fall of 2019 and for the 2020 program. 

So, lot's of reasons to get in now. 

Please Note: This is a group-based program, not 1-1 consulting / coaching. If you'd like to add coaching support, we'd be happy to oblige. 

  • First, active and committed to the program. That involves both you following along and doing the work as well as contributing to discussions. 
  • Second, responsive when we ask for both positive and critical feedback during and at end of the program to help us improve the offering
  • Third, we'll ask for your testimonial so that future students will hear about the experience

We're on a MISSION to make this program series and Career Management Academy a transformative, ongoing program serving thousands. We need keen, willing students who want to set-up and take charge of their career. 

A very good question. Here's what's involved: 

1: Before and after assessments

2: Each week there will be 3 lessons in the online environment. You'll receive an email when they become available. They will be a mix of learning (watch a video, do an assessment), reflection/workbook or action.

3: Each lesson will have a comments section and we encourage discussion. 

4: Monday's you'll be invited to do an "accountability" report. While this is up to you, you are highly encouraged to hold yourself accountable. 

As the program rolls out, because it is a beta, the format and approach may change to better help you get results. 

Ready to make 2020 the year YOU became intentional & strategic about your professional journey?

If you are, FANTASTIC! We want to have you as a student in this program. Remember, this is an active program. To get results (increased clarity, confidence and control, decreased risk, more direction, and a higher-level of awareness and skill on how to be the driver of your career), you need to commit and dive-in.

Program Start

The program kicks-off later in Q1 of 2020. If you're serious about making solid, tangible progress in 2020, NOW is the time.









Learn how to take control over your career / professional journey

If you are, FANTASTIC! We want to have you as a student in this beta program. Remember, this is an active program. To get results (increased clarity, confidence and control, decreased risk, more direction, and a higher-level of awareness and skill on how to be the driver of your career), you need to commit and dive-in.  

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